This low cost, wearable interval timer may possibly be all the health and fitness tracker you want


Late past calendar year I joined a new gymnasium and bought a Samsung Equipment Activity to enhance my time carrying out all the issues — managing, leaping, buying things up, placing things down.

It was a blunder.

Not the gymnasium membership and, usually talking, not the enjoy, which is high-quality. But in between making use of my cell phone to observe issues like excess weight and reps and fiddling with the watch’s timer and other capabilities, the tech was undoubtedly finding in the way.

Judging by some of the other gymnasium members’ conduct — from the man FaceTiming on a excess weight bench in the center of the area to an additional trapped in some type of infinite notification loop in between his enjoy and cell phone — I was not on your own.


So I ditched the enjoy, locked my cell phone and seemed for superior alternatives to support strike my objectives. For the most element, my monitoring requirements could be fulfilled with pen and paper and a straightforward interval timer, which allows you established timed intervals for perform and for relaxation and repeat all those intervals more than and more than all over again.

While not a health and fitness tracker in the Fitbit perception, the timer permits me to quickly observe my established and relaxation instances devoid of obtaining to glance at nearly anything, as it beeps or vibrates when time is up. It can also be utilised in a amount of other methods, like substantial-depth interval education (HIIT) or interval managing, exactly where you modify your tempo for diverse intervals.

Certain, there are interval timer applications for your cell phone, Apple Watch and WearOS watch, and Fitbit’s exercise app has an interval timer. But frankly, fitness trackers will not excel at monitoring several functions past managing and other cardio in any case. As well as trackers work best if you set in the energy to uncover and increase their applications and information, so you need to dedicate to that as effectively.


For me, my enjoy and cell phone proved to be a lot more of a distraction than handy. Yet again, even though it may not be accumulating information on me, the interval timer does preserve my exercise routine on observe, so you can find no issue how very long I have exercised. It also implies I will not have to be concerned about breaking or getting rid of an costly product.

The Gymboss Classic I use is straightforward, and at $16 it truly is low cost, but there are others out there. You can system just one or two intervals and repeat them up to 99 instances, and you can find also a developed-in stopwatch and clock. If you want a lot more intervals and the selection to help save plans, you can find a $28 miniMax model. The two operate on a one AAA-dimension battery and have 4 buttons for modifying options and commencing, pausing and halting the timer. A waistband clip is integrated, but you can purchase a wrist strap (I normally clip it to my enjoy strap).

I nonetheless have my cell phone with me for songs and if I want a refresher on correct kind for a distinct raise, but I preserve it established to ‘do not disturb’ to destroy all notifications. In any other case it truly is just me and the timer, serving to me drive for just one past rep just before the buzzer.

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