How to deal with Keratosis Pilaris, aka ‘chicken skin’

Do not enable hen pores and skin make you really feel self-mindful – here’s how to say goodbye to all those frustrating bumps on your arms, thighs and other parts

It may well audio very really serious, but keratosis pilaris, far more typically regarded as ‘chicken skin’, is a harmless affliction. Nevertheless, that does not halt it currently being frustrating for the 40 for each cent of us who, in accordance to the British Affiliation of Dermatologists, have it. If you are all far too acquainted with the hen pores and skin appear, you are going to know that you are most probable to see it on higher arms, fronts of thighs and, perhaps also on the buttocks and reduce again – all spots the place your pores and skin tends to be drier.

Do I have keratosis pilaris?

‘Resembling long term goose pimples, these modest bumps can possibly be crimson or white in physical appearance,’ claims Dr Mervyn Patterson, beauty physician and founder at Woodford Clinical ( As the identify implies, ‘keratosis’ indicates far too significantly keratin. ‘The lifted bumps are induced by modest keratin blockages in the entrance to the hair follicles, which is why you get that tough coarseness of the pores and skin,’ points out Dr Patterson. ‘It has a powerful household record, and there is almost certainly a a single in two probability of you producing it if a single of your mother and father has it.’

Will my keratosis pilaris go absent?

The great information is that keratosis pilaris does enhance with age – though there are a couple of exceptions. ‘Hormonal fluctuations, this kind of as with being pregnant, menopause and the use of HRT can all exacerbate keratosis pilaris,’ claims Dr Patterson. ‘Here, the oestrogen to progesterone ratio is disturbed and this in flip has an effect on epidermal mobile division and adhesion on the surface area of the pores and skin.’ Eczema can be an additional induce. Once again, this relates to the dryness of your pores and skin – the drier it is, the far more probable the keratin will harden and block your pores. Nevertheless, armed with some information and the suitable merchandise there is lots you can do to relieve the dilemma. Bye bye, bumps!

Greatest merchandise for dealing with keratosis pilaris

Inventory up on these KP-fixers for the smoothest pores and skin, by way of the final times of summer season and into autumn. Exfoliating scrub Give hair follicle blockages a mild blast with All-natural Spa Manufacturing facility Yuzu, Pink Beets & Watermelon Physique Scrub (£20, Its grape seed oil’s astringent homes enable keep away from clogging. Buffing fabric Mix an exfoliating clean with this Gatineau Physique Buffing Fabric (£15, The rope handles make it excellent for scrubbing really hard-to-access KP hotspots, like backs of arms.
Lactic acid Therapeutic massage in an emollient-prosperous product that contains lactic acid, this kind of as Ameliorate Reworking Physique Product (£27.50,, which carefully exfoliates and renews surface area cells for smoother-seeking pores and skin. Salicylic acid For far more resistant scenarios, use a evening-time software of Epionce Lytic TX Lotion (£54.50, The mix of salicylic and azelaic acids with anti-inflammatories can enable boost turnover of cells, minimize blockages, and relaxed
any redness.

How to get rid of keratosis pilaris

There is no fast resolve but you can critically reduce the physical appearance of all those pesky bumps. ‘It’s far more of a administration tactic than a remedy,’ points out Dr Susan Mayou, specialist skin doctor at the Cadogen Clinic.

  1. EXFOLIATE: Up your exfoliation routine, in particular on all those really hard-to-access parts,
    this kind of as the backs of arms and buttocks. This will enable to eliminate lifeless pores and skin cells and for that reason stop the hair follicle from getting to be blocked. By no means scrub far too really hard however and be confident to keep away from having particularly scorching showers as these can extremely dry out your pores and skin.
  2. ACID Correct: Choose for lotions and moisturisers that have lactic acid or salicylic acid to enable with unclogging pores. ‘AHAs (lactic and glycolic acid) function by dissolving the glue in between cells which keep keratinocytes jointly and taking away the pores and skin cells at the surface area of the pore. BHAs (salicylic acid) do the exact same, but also function inside of the pore,’ points out Dr Mayou.
  3. EXPOSE Pores and skin: It may well be the final matter you really feel like performing but signs and symptoms of keratosis pilaris can enhance with publicity to the sunshine: ‘The reddening all around every single pore is thanks to the inflammatory element of the affliction, and sunshine functions as an anti-inflammatory,’ claims Dr Mayou. Safeguard on your own with
    a higher component but non-greasy, non-oily SPF and keep away from sporting any materials that may well bring about you to sweat.
  4. LASER HAIR Removing: Astonishing but real: ‘Laser hair elimination can be effective in dealing with scenarios of keratosis pilaris as it decreases the hair development in the influenced parts,’ claims Dr Mayou. Nevertheless, it is only efficient on zapping dim hairs on white pores and skin. It will not remedy the affliction, but can give you the physical appearance of smoother skin’.

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